Diabetes patients can get relief from injection, this special capsule is prepared

capsule will replace injection: Some diabetic patients have to take insulin injections daily. This can cause a lot of pain. People do not want to inject even a day, but those who have to take it daily, it can be guessed how much trouble it will cause, but now one can get rid of the hassle of this injection. daily Mail According to the news of a smart pill (medicine pill) can replace injection. This smart pill will be shaped like a turtle, but the size of a blueberry. It will be in the form of capsules which can take the place of injection. Patients with diabetes or patients taking injections for a long time will be able to use it. According to the news of Daily Mail, the weight of the capsule may be a bit high, but it is made in such a way that it easily goes in the stomach.

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Needle inside solid sugar
This pill looks like a plastic capsule from above. The inside of this capsule is made of solid sugar. There is a small needle in this solid sugar. The length of this needle is 4.5 mm. The solid sugar will encounter very high moisture in the stomach, where it will dissolve after four minutes. When the solid sugar dissolves, then a small needle will open from it and it will reach the stomach lining and deliver this medicine directly into the blood. After this process the needle will come back into the capsule via a spring and later the whole device will come out through the secure digestive tract.

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Pain Less Hoga Capsule
Researchers say that when the needle enters the lining of the stomach, pain is not felt. It is completely painless process. Insulin will be present in this needle, in the same way that insulin is filled in the injection while injecting diabetic patients. After the arrival of this device, diabetic patients will not need to inject daily.

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