Diarrhea outbreak in Giridih, dozens of people sick, 2 people in critical condition referred to Sadar Hospital

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Giridih. These days the outbreak of diarrhea is increasing in Giridih district of Jharkhand. Its outbreak is highest in Rajpura and Chihutian villages of Gawan block of the district. A large number of people here are said to be suffering from diarrhea. The outbreak of diarrhea is increasing day by day. In the block, from the elderly to the youth, are being told in the grip of this disease.

Jageshwar Prasad Yadav, father of Hirahari resident of Gawan block, Vazir Mahato age 52 years, Niwas Kumar father Sudhir Prasad Yadav age 5 years, Kalwa Devi husband Ramesh Prasad Yadav age 37 years and Prince Kumar’s father Pintu Yadav age 7 years all Chihutian residents are suffering from diarrhea. . These people were admitted to Gawan CHC on Sunday night. At the same time, seeing the condition of Niwas Kumar’s father Sudhir Prasad Yadav, he has been referred to Giridih Sadar Hospital. On Friday morning, Janaki Devi’s husband Late. Prem Rai age 50 years, Dinesh Rai father Badri Rai age 15 years, Lakhia Devi husband Madan Rai age 30 years, Manju Devi husband Kailash Rai age 24 years and Pintu Rai father Arjun Rai age 17 years All Rajpura residents admitted to Gawan CHC Has gone.

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On the increasing number of diarrhea patients in the village, Dr. Chandra Mohan Prasad, medical in-charge of Gawan Community Medical Center said that the reason for the spread of diarrhea could be the consumption of dirty water from the well. The health department team is continuously monitoring the situation. At the same time, Zilla Parishad member Imran Ansari said that diarrhea is taking a frightening form in Gawan block. Every day the number of patients is increasing. Will do correspondence regarding the demand of special relief team in Gawan. At the same time, Deputy Chief Naveen Yadav has urged the district administration to work on a war footing.

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