Diwali 2021: Diwali celebrations from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj, know what will be the auspicious time every day

Diwali 2021: Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated with pomp across the country. The five-day long Deepotsav Mahaparva begins on the day of Dhanteras. After this, the next day is of Roop Chaudas. Diwali is celebrated on the next day of Roop Chaudas. On this day, worshiping Lord Ganesha and Maa Lakshmi is wished for happiness, peace and prosperity. Govardhan Puja takes place on the next day of Diwali. On this day the cattle owners decorate their animals, while the festival of Deepotsav ends with Bhai Dooj. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 02 November. With this the Deepotsav will begin.

Diwali celebration is for 5 days

1. Dhanteras – Although preparations for Diwali start many days in advance, but the beginning of Diwali is considered to be from the day of Dhanteras. There is a tradition to buy gold, silver, household utensils or any other items on this day. This year the festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated on 02 November (Tuesday). Lord Dhanvantari, Kuber Devta, Mata Mahalakshmi and Yamraj are worshiped on this day. Astrologer Pandit Chandra Bhushan Vyas According to this, this day is also considered very auspicious for the purchase of house, shop, jewelery or vehicle.

auspicious time

Dhanteras – 02 November, Tuesday
Dhan Trayodashi Puja Muhurta

Benefits – From 11.31 am to 12.10 am
Abhijit – from 11.48 am to 12.33 am
Amrit – 12.10 pm to 01.34 pm
Benefit – from 07.23 to 08.59 in the evening
Good night from 10.35 to 12.35

Note – There will be absence of Muhurta from 2.59 to 04.23 in Rahu Kaal.

2. Naraka Chaturdashi – Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated on the next day of Dhanteras. It is also called as Choti Diwali. It is a religious belief that on this day after taking a bath before sunrise and worshiping according to law.
One gets freedom from hell and attains heaven. On the night of Narak Chaturdashi, the house is illuminated with lamps just like on the night of Diwali. That is why it is called Choti Diwali. This year this festival will be celebrated on 03 November (Wednesday).

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3. Diwali – The festival of Diwali is celebrated on the next day of Narak Chaturdashi. This festival is the main festival of Hindus. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh ji, the goddess of wealth, is worshiped in an auspicious time. This time Diwali will be celebrated on 04 November (Thursday). Worshiping on this day with law and order brings happiness, peace and prosperity in life. Acharya Pt. Naveen Upadhyay According to this, Goddess Lakshmi should be worshiped in homes on this day at Godhuli Bela.

auspicious time

Deepotsav Vidhi Muhurta

Kartik Krishna Amavasya Date 4:11: 2021 Thursday

06.16 am – 08.54 Good morning
Diva 11.00 – 12.42 Chanchal Vela
Diva 11.58 – 12.42 Abhijit Vela
Diva 12.21 – 01.30 Benefit Vela
Diva 04.28 – 05.50 Shubh Vela

Twilight 05.50 – 08.26

Scorpio Ascendant 07.50 – 10.06 am
Aquarius wedding lamp 01.54 – 03.24
Taurus Ascendant 06.30 – 08.25
Leo Ascendant Night 12.57 – 03.13

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Govardhan Puja – Govardhan Puja is performed on the next day of Diwali. On this day cattle owners decorate their animals. Serving cows on this day is considered to have special significance. It is believed that on this day God
Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on his finger to save the people of Braj from the wrath of Indradev. This time this festival will be celebrated on 05 November (Friday).

auspicious time

06:35 am to 10:46 am
12:10 pm to 1:34 pm

Bhai Dooj – The festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the next day of Govardhan Puja. This is the last day of the five-day festival of Diwali. On this day sisters tie rakshasutra to their brothers. For the long life of the brother, a lamp named Yama is lit outside the house. This removes the fear of premature death. This time Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 06 November (Saturday).

auspicious time

07:59 am to 09:23 am
12:10 pm to 4:23 pm

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