Diwali 2021: Engage children in this way on Diwali, you will be able to enjoy the festival

Diwali 2021, Activities To Engage Child: It is important for children to know the importance of festivals to better understand the traditions and culture. Festivals are those occasions when children get to have fun with family and friends as well as understand their culture. However, for the last two years, the fun of festivals has faded. People are locked in the house and cut off from the society. In such a situation, it is very important to connect the growing children with the festivals. However, children should not even blindly follow the rituals, but it is also necessary to explain to them what they mean and what is their importance.

We will tell you such activities in which you can involve the children of the house. In Activities To Engage Child With the help of this, children will not only enjoy the festival, but they will also get a chance to understand the importance of festivals.

Engage children like this on Diwali

1. Shop Together

Before Diwali, whenever you go to buy decorations, sweets, clothes etc., then definitely take the children along. If you hesitate to go to the market, then take their advice in online shopping and tell its importance. Shop for the traditional clothes of their choice.

2. Make Dishes Together

Take the help of children in making prasad etc. for festivals. Apart from the enjoyment of God, include them in the selection of recipes in the deli’s food. Choose some such recipes which they can make and feed to the people.

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3. Get the decoration done

Take their help in decorating the necessary decorations for home decoration such as the decoration of the pooja house and maingate, rangoli, gift pack etc. Instead of scolding them for their mistakes, tell them the right way.

4. Increase Socialization

Meeting in festivals is a tradition, which children need to know. For this, if you call people to give Diwali greetings or salutations, then involve the children too.

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5. Visit the Fair Together

Fairs are organized in many states on Diwali. These are also organized in the society. In such a situation, instead of enjoying the festival alone, take the children along and let them enjoy a little. By doing this, children will understand the festival and consider themselves a part of it.

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