Diwali Foods: Why one should not eat non-veg in Diwali, Pandit Kamlesh Joshi is telling the reason for this

Non-veg prohibited during festive seasons: The festival season is in full swing in the country. Festivals like Krishnashtami, Dussehra etc. are gone and now Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj, Chhath etc. are left. In this entire season, people are full of festive spirit. Delicious dishes have more importance in Indian festivals. There is a tradition of preparing different dishes for each festival. In different states of India, more than one variety of food is served on the arrival of festival or any guest. Diwali is considered the festival of sweets. On this special occasion, jalebis, gulab jamun, kheer, carrot halwa, cashew barfi and many different types of sweets are made in the house, which makes the mind happy. Similarly, special variety of dishes are prepared in Chhath. Interestingly, except for a few festivals, we do not have the tradition of eating non-veg. We talked to Pandit Kamlesh Joshi on why there is no tradition of eating non-veg in these festivals or in what situations there is a tradition of eating non-veg.

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Eating non-veg will increase demonic tendencies
Pandit Kamlesh Joshi told that from Dhanteras to Bhaiya Dooj, deities reside in the homes of human beings. If a person does the right deeds, the Lord comes to their homes and blesses them. The feeling towards God will come in you only when your mind is pure. But if you consume non-veg during this time, then your mind will not be pure. When your mind is not pure, then the effect of demonic power will be more in you. Due to the influence of demonic power, the tendency to do wrong things will increase and the mind will not be able to be purified. Where the influence of demonic energy is more, there cannot be the abode of the Lord. Therefore, around Diwali, one should not consume meat and liquor.

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Whatever you put in the body of the body, you will get the same.
Pandit Kamlesh Joshi explains that just as doing Havan brings purity in the environment, in the same way, eating sattvik food will bring purity in our mind. He told that our body is like a pool. Whatever kind of things we put in this pool, our thinking will be formed in the same way. If we put meat and wine in this pool, then our mind will not be able to become pure. Then the grace of the gods will not be on us. If there is the influence of the divine power, then there will be purity in the body or else the demonic power will dominate. Good food increases the purity of our mind. We tend to do good deeds. The gods will be pleased with us. Our intellect will develop. If we eat demonic food, then our intellect will be corrupt. Our mindset will deteriorate. We will start doing bad deeds. That’s why it is said that humans eat good things, demons eat bad things.

The mind must be pure for the abode of God.
Pandit Kamlesh Joshi told that worship would start from the day of Dhanteras. Lord Kubera comes to the house on this day after worshiping with a pure heart. If Lord Kuber resides in the house, then Mother Lakshmi will come automatically. All this will happen only when our mind is pure and purity will come only when we eat sattvik food. The demonic powers will become effective on eating demonic food. Pandit Joshi said, some people follow the wrong tradition of offering sacrifices during Navratra, while there is no mention of it in the scriptures. It has been said in the scriptures to provide fruits of pumpkin, quince, coconut etc. But under the customary tradition, people of demonic nature followed this tradition. This should not be done.

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