Do not delay in reaching the hospital in case of brain stroke, know what to do from the expert

Timely Treatment of Brain Stroke : When a nerve in the brain suddenly gets blocked or bursts, it is called a brain stroke. Brain stroke is also called brain attack or brain attack. When this happens, the blood supply to the brain stops, which directly affects brain function. This is a very dangerous situation. Although brain stroke can happen anytime, anywhere, but most of its cases are seen in early morning. In today’s era, it is not that brain stroke is making only the elderly its victims, every year in the world, millions of young adults are losing their lives due to this disease. Every year in America alone, about 70 thousand youth, whose age is less than 40, are falling prey to this deadly disease.

In a report published in Dainik Jagran, Dr. Manish Vaish, Director of Neuro Surgery at Max Hospital, Ghaziabad, has told some important things about brain stroke. Dr Vaish says that brain stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Due to this, not only does the person die, but he can also become disabled. They say that millions of tubules of our brain work to carry blood from the heart to the brain. Due to the interruption of blood supply, there is no blood circulation towards the brain and the supply of oxygen stops, due to which these ducts start getting destroyed. Apart from this, brain stroke can also occur due to blood clot formation or bleeding in the brain.

brain hemorrhage
Brain haemorrhage is caused due to bursting of blood ducts. Due to this bleeding occurs in the brain. High BP is the main cause of brain haemorrhage. Sometimes people suddenly also become victims of mini stroke. This happens when there is a transmission effect of blood in the brain for a very short time. It lasts only a few minutes. Mini stroke sufferers do not suffer any permanent damage, but it increases the risk of future strokes. Brain haemorrhage is a serious form of brain stroke.

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What to do in case of brain stroke
According to Dr Vaish, in case of brain stroke, do not give blood pressure controlling medicine to the patient and take him to the hospital for immediate treatment. It is necessary to get treatment immediately because the neurons are destroyed very fast when stroke occurs and their rate of formation is very slow and the possibility of the condition becoming serious increases.

The treatment of brain haemorrhage depends on the part of the brain in which the bleeding has occurred and what is its cause. In some cases, doctors cure the patient by medicines, but sometimes surgery is needed due to excessive bleeding.

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do’s and don’ts
Do not take tension, meditate for mental peace.
-Say no to smoking-alcohol
Do regular exercise and yoga
– Do not let the weight increase too much
Take extra care of heart and sugar diseases
Do not consume sodium in excess.

Recognize by these symptoms
Sudden severe headache.
– Having a seizure.
Feeling of weakness in hands or feet.
– vomiting or nausea
– Impaired ability to see.
Numbness in hands and feet.
Difficulty speaking and swallowing.
Loss of body balance.
– to pass away.

what are the reasons
– Any head injury.
– high bp
Inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain.
Blood-related problems such as hemophilia or anemia.
Liver related problems.
– Brain tumor.

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