Do not do these 9 things even after sunset, news of grief or crisis may come in the house

Vastu Tips: There are many such tasks, the time of which is fixed. Since the time of grandmothers, it has been advised to do those works at a particular time. There are many such works in Hindu religion and Vastu Shastra which are seen by adding time. For example, it is advisable to do some work after sunrise and some work before sunset. So today we tell you which work you should not do after sunset i.e. after sunset.

According to the belief, if this is done then diseases, grief and problems can arise in the house. Not only this, according to astrology, Goddess Lakshmi also gets angry by doing this. So let us know which things should not be done after sunset (Things to avoid after sunset)

1. Nails and Hair Cutting

Nails and hair should not be cut after sunset. Not only this, shaving should also be avoided. By doing this, negative energy resides in the house. It is also believed that doing so increases the debt on the house.

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2. touching or watering trees

It is believed that one should never touch trees or pluck their leaves after sunset. It is also believed that even water should not be given to them at night. It is said that even trees and plants go to sleep after sunset.

3. Laundry and Drying

It is also forbidden to wash clothes after sunset. Not only this, drying clothes after evening is also considered wrong. It is believed that by doing this, all the negative energy of the sky enters the clothes and a person can get sick by wearing them.

4. keep food open

Food or water should not be kept open after sunset. They should always be kept covered, if left, then negative energy gets absorbed in it, which can make you sick by eating it.

5. Funeral

It is said in the Puranas that the last rites should not be performed after sunset. By doing this, the person who dies has to suffer in the hereafter and he may be born crippled in the next life.

6. yogurt or rice

Consumption of curd after sunset is considered forbidden in the Puranas. Similarly, rice is not consumed after sunset.

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7. Donating Yogurt

Curd is related to the planet Venus and Venus is considered to be the provider of wealth and splendor. In such a situation, by donating curd at sunset or after sunset, happiness and prosperity go away.

8. Broom-wiped

It is believed that after sunset, one should not sweep or clean the house. Doing so may result in loss of money.

9. Sleeping at dusk

One should not sleep immediately after sunset i.e. in Twilight Bela. Sexual intercourse is also considered taboo at this time. Doing so can adversely affect the health of husband and wife. At this time there has been talk of reciting worship. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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