Do not ignore these symptoms, it may be skin cancer

Skin Cancer Symptoms: When skin cells start growing in an abnormal way, it is called skin cancer or skin cancer. This cancer occurs when a person stays in the sun for too long. Skin cancer occurs on the parts of the body that are exposed to sunlight the most. If ultraviolet rays are avoided, the risk of skin cancer can be reduced. With all If we look at some things, then by understanding its early symptoms, we can prevent this cancer from reaching a serious stage.

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Mayo Clinic According to the information received, there are generally 3 types of cancer, Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma and Melanoma. According to doctors, melanoma is considered the most dangerous cancer. Some such symptoms appear on the body due to skin cancer, which should not be ignored.


Suddenly moles start appearing on the body.

The size of the mole is big. There may be itching and sores instead of the mole.

If there is an old mole, then its color may change or its size may increase.

In this, the color of the skin starts turning pink or it starts turning brown.

– There is a wound on the skin.

– The skin may turn red as well as scabs may also occur.

Cancer can also occur in the form of a wart in some people.

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This is how the investigation is done

If any of these symptoms are seen on your skin, then the doctor will ask you some questions. According to that the doctor can advise some tests and medicines. During this, doctors examine the wound lying on the body. In this procedure, the advice of a dermatologist i.e. dermatologist is also taken. Also, the skin is examined with the help of a dermatoscope. A small sample is also taken from the skin to check for cancer.

This is how treatment

The treatment of skin cancer depends on its severity. In which biopsy, freezing, excision surgery, Mohs surgery are used. Sometimes biological therapy may be advised in addition to chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy.

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