Do not make your children stubborn, know what experts say

Stubborn Behaviour¬†of Children: In the Corona era, many parents are always worried about children playing or going outside, but children are children, how long can they be entertained? After all, they too have started becoming irritable or stubborn by staying at home. Experts believe that parents can also be the reason for their becoming stubborn. In such a situation, experts believe that you need to deal with children with understanding and restraint. It is the habit of children to make demands about something. In such a situation, say yes or no to him in both the cases, the behavior of the child can be stubborn. Parenting expert Dr. Geetanjali Sharma says in the NBT report that parents should try to minimize the use of the word “no” because speaking any kind of negative word or thing has a negative effect on the child.

According to Dr. Geetanjali, although it is not possible to obey everything about the child, but for this, the parents need to work with patience. Try to understand the child, know what he wants and don’t force him to do anything of his own.

How to do ‘No’
Now the biggest question is how to use ‘No’ at least, so that the child does not feel that the parents do not understand their point. Make your statements positive and use no less. According to Dr. Geetanjali, suppose your child is playing and does not want to study now, then the direct way is that you say stop playing. Another way is that son, first you read, then play, then there is a difference between the two things. In one you directly refused, which the child will not like. Second, in which you allowed him to play along with studies.

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Apart from this, you can also negotiate with children. Like the child is saying that he has to sleep at 12 o’clock not 10 o’clock, then you can tell him that neither your nor mine, let’s go to sleep at 10.30. Is. This will make the child feel that he is also being listened to.

According to Dr Geetanjali, many times children complain that their parents treat them like servants. This is wrong, even if you are the authority, you have to give respect to the children. At the same time, there should not be things like arguments between the parents in the house because after seeing all this, the child will also behave like you.

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Don’t do this when the child is angry
Many times it has been seen that when the child is angry, the parents also start getting angry on him, start scolding him. Whereas in such times they should work with patience. Dr Ashish Sahni, a pediatrician at Balaji Action Hospital, Delhi, says, “When the child is angry, do not argue with him at all, in such a situation, if you talk to him, then it will not be of any use. When he is calm, try to find out from him what he thinks.

If the child is a teenager, is there any pressure on him from school or friends? On the other hand, if the child is small, then it is not right to accept everything about him. Here you have to understand the problem of the child first in both the cases. Then think about how that problem can be solved. If the child insists on eating chocolate every day, then do not scold or beat him, you can say that he will get chocolate but first homework has to be done. So change yourself to understand the child.

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