Do you also find it difficult to control emotions? Follow these 3 steps as told by the experts

Not Difficult to Control Emotions : Many times such situation comes in our life that we are not able to control our emotions. This is a common thing. But you must have seen many such people in your life, for whom it is very difficult to control their emotions. They don’t see the opportunity, they just lose control of their emotions. In an article published in Hindustan newspaper, Psychologist Dr Neha Dutt has given some tips on overcoming emotions, which can help you to make better strategies in stressful situations.

Psychologist Neha Dutt writes, Sadness, fear, anger, tension, restlessness trouble all people from time to time. But there are some people who constantly struggle with their emotions. They often feel guilty for their sharp reactions. Whatever the reason, you have to learn to handle your emotions. You just have to follow these 3 steps.

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have to pay attention…
If you think that you are one of those people who react to any situation without knowing it properly, then you need to meditate. Meditation will help you in such a situation. This will help you to increase your awareness of all the feelings and experiences. When you are meditating, you are deepening your feelings of peace in yourself and accepting yourself without complaint. This will also help you to relax and sleep well.

Do this to reduce stress
Apart from meditation, focusing on your breathing also has a positive effect on emotions. How do you breathe? It affects how emotions are handled. So one has to learn to use your breath to heal the tension.

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Let manifest in pictures and words
Whatever you are feeling, let it manifest in words or pictures. Writing down your feelings and the reactions that triggered them can help you get out of a difficult situation.

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