Do you know about flower pots? These benefits come from using them

Phool ke Bartan: There will be very few people in the new generation who will know about flower pots (Phool Utensils). In today’s era, only steel, sugar utensils are present in our homes. In earlier times, brass, copper and alloy flower pots were in great demand, their use was also very beneficial for the body. With the change of time, the old utensils used in the house were also replaced by new metal utensils. Now the demand for silicone utensils has started increasing in the market. Meanwhile, now the old era also seems to be returning once again. Actually, in the last few days, once again the demand for flower pots has started being heard in the market.

Let us tell you that till about three-four decades ago, there was a lot of demand for flower pots. The elders of our house have also picked up the taste of food in these utensils for a long time.

This is how flower alloy is made
Flowers are an alloy made up of tin and lead. Sometimes brass or copper is also mixed in it. This metal looks like silver and is bright in appearance. Usually flower pots will also be found at dairy shops. Curd or sour things do not deteriorate if kept in it.

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Benefits of flower pots
Till five decades ago, flower alloy was in great demand. Apart from utensils, they were also used in making weapons. Like brass and copper utensils, flower metal utensils also have many benefits in terms of health.

Eating food in a flower pot gives relief in stress.
It is said that food in flower pots generates new energy in the body.
Eating in these utensils reduces the problem of obesity.
The use of these utensils gives relief in joint pain.
Blood pressure is also controlled by eating in flower pots.
Eating food in flower pots also keeps sugar in balance.

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