Do you shy away from wearing a sari due to waist fat? Follow this method of sari styling

Saree Styling Tips: Saree is one of the all time favorite dress for most of the girls in Indian wear. Not only in the country, now even in foreign countries, the trend of saree is seen in big parties and fashion shows. In Bollywood, whether it is to show the heroines glamorous or classy, ​​sarees have been used in many ways.

There are many girls who shy away from wearing a saree because they feel that they cannot carry it in a better way and they will look fat and fat instead of looking slim. While it is not so at all. If you also have this problem, then here we are telling you how to drape the saree so that you look beautiful.

to look slim and tall

If you want to look tall, then make thin plates of the sari and set it by pinning it on the shoulder. If you wear a blouse without sleeves with them, then you will look more glamorous.

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how to hide belly fat

If there is fat on the stomach, then cover them completely with the pallu and make the back glamorous. Keep the pallu of the saree loose from the back and wear a deep neck blouse. Due to this, no one will see the hidden belly fat in your pallu.

If you want to look glamorous then do this

If you want a bold look, then wear a glamorous and designer blouse, which has a back button. Now you can leave the pallu of the saree loose. This will give a glamorous touch to your look.

If you want to look sexy and elegant then wear saree like this

You wear a plain chiffon sari and carry a deep neck blouse with it. Cover the entire body from the front site with the pallu of the saree and leave the back open. By doing this you will look elegant.

Use a shapewear petticoat

Nowadays shapewear petticoats are easily available in the market. Buy and wear similar petticoats for your chiffon, georgette, net saree. This will keep your stomach pressed inwards and give the perfect figure. However, you will look beautiful in every way without considering yourself less than anyone and not doing body shaming. Don’t forget to wear a bindi with a saree.

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