Do your child’s teeth need braces?

How To Know Your Child Needs Braces : Many changes take place during the development of children. If there is any kind of problem then we go to the doctor and get advice. But most of the parents become casual about the teeth of their children and do not go to the dentist without pain. Stanford Children’s Clinic According to this, regular dental checkup of children is very important. If there is any problem in the shape of the teeth, then doctors also recommend applying braces. In such a situation, there is confusion in the minds of parents that at what age it would be better to do this. So let’s know today when children need braces.

If there are such symptoms, then there may be a need to apply braces.

1. Teeth are overlapping

If the baby teeth are overlapping each other then most likely they will need braces. In this case, talk to your dentist immediately.

2. Difficulty in chewing

If the child is having trouble chewing or eating anything, then the child may need braces.

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3. Mouth Breathing

If the child keeps his mouth open and breathes through his mouth, then it is also a sign that your child needs braces.

4. stuttering in speech

Many children pronounce words incorrectly and have difficulty speaking. In such a situation, if your child also has such a problem, then you should contact the dentist.

5.Too much gap between teeth

If there is a huge gap between your child’s teeth, then you should consult a doctor. Because this problem may become more and more in future.

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6. Stiffness in the jaw

Many children sometimes have a problem of stiffness or stiffness in the mouth or jaw. In such a situation, there is a crackling sound while chewing. If this is the problem then definitely contact the doctor.


If your child often bites from inside while eating or talking and this problem is very much then you should contact the doctor. This is also a sign that your child needs braces.

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