Does hair dye increase the chances of premature graying? know the truth

Is Hair Color Responsible For Premature Graying Of Hair : Lack of nutrition in the body, excess stress, hormonal changes, pollution, etc. are the reasons due to which the hair starts turning white at an early age. But to hide them, people resort to hair color, which is a temporary solution. By doing this, the hair which is black can also be damaged and gradually they also start turning from black to white. Researches have found that if you consume enough vitamins in food, then hair can become black again.

Medical News Today According to this, if we continue to use chemical-rich products i.e. shampoo, conditioner, hair color etc. on the hair, then it becomes the cause of premature hair graying. Hair dye contains hydrogen peroxide which is a dangerous chemical for hair. Apart from this, smoking also causes hair graying.

That’s why hair color is not good for hair health

1.Lead Acetate

Lead acetate is present in many hair dyes which is used to give a darker color to the hair. These damage the melanin in the hair and cause premature graying.

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PPD i.e. p-phenylenediamine is used in many hair dyes, which maintains the color in the hair for a long time. Let us tell you that this chemical is present in 75 percent of hair dyes. Apart from the hair, this chemical also has a bad effect on the lungs, kidney, liver and nervous system.


Ammonia is also found in most hair dyes, which can cause problems like skin problems, breathing problems, eye infections.

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Do this work instead of dye

1.Antioxidant Food

If you eat a diet rich in more and more antioxidants in the diet, then oxidative stress can be reduced and hair can become black again. For this, you should consume fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, olive oil, fish etc. daily.

2.Vitaminated Food

Include those things in the diet which are rich in vitamins. Sea food, eggs and meat are good sources of vitamin B-12 while vitamin D is found in milk, salmon and cheese.

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