Does your newborn cry a lot? does she have colic

Parenting Tips: Does a newborn baby suddenly start crying? And it often happens late at night? If you are a new parent and you are facing this problem. So it is possible that your child has a problem of colic which can be due to many reasons. Newborn babies often have colic attacks, which parents often do not understand why the child is crying. In such a situation, parents also feel helpless. They do not understand what happened to the child all of a sudden. The attack of colic when the baby is 6 weeks old would have been very high, and it can end when this baby is 4 months old. In these ways you can manage it.

Calling Attack Symptoms
It is very important to know whether the baby is crying normally or it is an attack of colic. For this keep these things in mind like-

  • The baby stiffens his body during colic
  • kids don’t drink milk
  • baby begins to bend legs
  • Colic has a set schedule that occurs only at night

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How to help your newborn

The child is very small, so parents often panic. But instead of panic, try these things to calm your child down –

  • try to talk and get him comfortable
  • give baby a warm bath
  • give baby skin to skin
  • light up the room
  • play white noise music
  • Massage anticolic daily but don’t do it when baby cries

what to do during
Taking care of the baby during this time can be very stressful. But do not panic, colic is a common problem in the newborn. Which gets cured in three to four months. For this, the help of a doctor can be taken and anti colic syrup can also be given to the child on the advice of the doctor. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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