Dog rides a bike wearing a helmet, video goes viral, people gave such reactions on the internet

A video is going viral on the internet in which a dog is wearing a helmet while riding a bike. This black colored Labrador is sitting on the back seat of the bike and is holding the person riding the bike. This 17-second video is from Tamil Nadu, in which a man wearing a yellow shirt is riding a motorcycle, the dog sitting behind him is wearing a helmet and is holding the man by the shoulder.

This video has been shared by a person named Pramod Madhav. It has been viewed more than 65 thousand times so far. Madhav wrote in the caption, “The dog in Tamil Nadu is wearing a helmet for safety…I sincerely appreciate the care of the owner…

Many other users also commented on this-

Although some people may not have praised this video, but in the meantime there were some people who appreciated it very much.

Let us tell you that after the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act in the country, a lot of strictness is being taken, after which many challans were also cut and many such reports also came. A few days ago, there was also news of wearing a helmet while sitting in the car.

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