Doing domestic work from a young age will not be a victim of dementia – Study

Household work reduces dementia: For the last two years, Corona has created social isolation. Due to this people are under stress. People do not understand what to do. Due to stress, productivity of people is decreasing and mental health is getting affected badly. Most people are getting amnesia. Although the disease of dementia occurs mostly in the elderly, but due to stress many times it starts growing in common people also. In this the memory starts getting weak and the power of thinking gets affected.

This also affects social activities in daily life. But there is no cure for amnesia. This disease can be avoided only through precaution and therapy. TOI According to the news of this, by doing house cleaning work from an early age, the dangers of dementia or amnesia can be avoided at a later age.

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increases brain power
According to the study, the risk of dementia can be greatly reduced by doing common cleaning activities such as sweeping the house, gardening etc. If you take care of cleanliness around the house from an early age, then in old age, forgetfulness will not bother you. By doing this, the ability to work improves. Being busy in cleaning the house increases the volume of the brain, that is, the ability of the brain to work. Studies have found that people who do household chores have a higher brain volume than those who do physical exercises outside.

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Cleanliness is like meditation
This study has been published in the Journal of Neurology. In this, five types of household chores are especially beneficial. For this, importance has been given to household chores like cleaning the bed, taking care of pillows, cooking, gardening, dusting, heavy housework. It has been said in the study that cleanliness is closely related to mental health. According to the study, keeping the surroundings of the house organized helps in reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It has been said in the study that cleansing is like a meditation due to which endorphins are released in the brain. In this, the feeling of pain is reduced and positive energy is felt in the mind.

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