Don’t forget to eat brinjal, if it is about health, these 7 problems can happen

Suffering With These Diseases Do Not Eat Baigan : Brinjal, which is found in every season, is not only beneficial in terms of health, it is also very much liked according to the taste. Then whether it is potato, brinjal vegetable or brinjal ka bharta, in summer and winter people make and eat it with great passion. Actually, brinjal contains many nutrients that are not found in other vegetables. Apart from this, eggplant has high fiber and low calories. Blood sugar is controlled by its consumption and does not increase weight. Due to which the risk of heart disease is reduced.

healthsight According to this, if you are struggling with a particular health problem, then its consumption can cause a lot of harm to your health. So let us tell you in which health condition you should not eat brinjal.


If you are suffering from any kind of allergy, then you should avoid eating brinjal. If you eat it despite the allergy, then it can trigger and your problem can increase further.

2. Taking Depression Medications

If you are going through mental stress and are taking depression medicines, then you need to avoid eating brinjal. If you eat brinjal with these medicines, then the effect of the medicines can be affected and its effect can be reduced.

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3. Eye problems

If you have burning sensation in your eyes and there is any kind of disorder, then you should not eat brinjal. It is possible that it can trigger any eye disorder and your problem may get worse.

4. Hemorrhoids

If a person is suffering from piles, then it is necessary to refrain from consuming brinjal. If this is not done, then the problem can increase further.

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5. Stones

If you are going through the problem of stones, then the consumption of brinjal is prohibited for you. Eggplant contains oxalate which is harmful for the kidney.

6. Anemia

If there is a lack of blood in your body, then you should not consume brinjal. If a person suffering from anemia eats it, then there may be a problem of blood formation.


Pregnant women should not consume brinjal. If it is consumed during pregnancy, it can cause harm to the growing fetus.

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