Dora Cake Recipe: Tasty Dora Cake without Eggs for Kids

How To Make Eggless Dora Cake: Many children make a lot of tantrums in eating food and their parents keep worrying about them. They make every effort to feed them something or the other. In such a situation, what should be made for them in the evening breakfast that the children eat with their mind, then we have the answer.

You can make eggless dora cake made of wheat flour for kids. They will eat it with great pleasure and will also say thank you to you. Know its easy recipe to make

What do you need to make Dora Cake?

– 1 cup flour

– cup sugar powder

– half cup milk

– 1 tbsp melted butter

– tsp vanilla essence

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 100 grams dark chocolate

– 3 tsp fresh cream

– half teaspoon butter

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how to make dora cake
To make Dora Cake, first break the chocolate into small pieces. After this, heat the cream and add chocolate to it and keep it like this for some time. Now add butter to it and mix it well and keep it in the fridge. After this, take flour in a bowl and add baking powder and sugar powder and mix it. After this add butter and lukewarm milk. Now beat the dough well and keep it covered for 10-12 minutes.

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After this, heat the non stick pan on the gas. Spread butter over it and spread it. Now put a spoonful of Dora cake batter on the pan and roast it on low flame till it becomes golden. After cooking from one side, flip it and roast it from the other side as well. Now prepare all the dora cakes in the same way. When they cool down, apply melted chocolate or chocolate syrup over them with the help of a spoon and cover with another cake. If you want, you can also put chocolate chips together.

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