Due to air pollution, the elderly may be at risk of these diseases, how to protect them

Air Pollution Effect: One, the problem of air pollution remains in the atmosphere even in general. Which increases manifold after Diwali. Air pollution is very harmful for everyone’s health. But its risk increases even more for the elderly, asthma and heart patients.

Actually, the air that reaches our body through breathing is contaminated with harmful pollutants from factories, power plants, burning coal, wood and vehicles. Due to which the risk of getting many types of health problems and diseases increases significantly. Today we tell you how air pollution affects the health of senior citizens. Also, what methods can be adopted to avoid this. Let’s know about it.

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Shortness of breath

Due to increasing age, many parts of the body of the elderly work at a slow pace and the same is the case with the lungs. Due to this, their lungs are not able to filter the fresh air properly. Due to which breathing in polluted air can cause respiratory problems to the elderly.

eye trouble

Due to air pollution, sometimes elderly people also start having problems related to eyes. Along with watery eyes and itching in the eyes, sometimes the eyesight also starts getting blurred.

Health problems

The immune system of the elderly is much weaker than that of the youth. Due to which they have difficulty in dealing with harmful pollutants. Due to this, they have to face many problems like cough, sore throat.

heart problems

Air pollution also has a bad effect on the heart of the elderly. Breathing in polluted air slows down the flow of blood. Due to which the risk of heart attack increases significantly in the elderly.

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Protect the elderly from air pollution in this way

To purify the air, plant plants like aloe vera, garden mum, spider plant, peace lily in and around the house.

To protect the elderly from air pollution, install air purifiers in the house. It filters harmful pollutants, due to which the air inside the house is purified.

Do not smoke inside the house, as well as keep the elderly away from any other type of smoke including incense, cow dung.

– Take a walk in a garden or park in the morning or walk for a while on the garden or terrace of the house. But avoid stepping out of the house for the rest of the time.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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