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Green Home Benefits: Many people dream of building a house. Many people also build their dream house, but after some time they realize that they should have made their house eco-friendly. In fact, in today’s time, many people have started seeing the environmental problems and understanding the need to overcome them. People also want to make their house in such a way that nature is not harmed. Let us tell you that they do not hesitate to spend a little extra for this. If you are also nature friendly and want to build a house for your future generation on such a ‘foundation’ which will give them long term benefits, then know the benefits of Environment Friendly Home and Green Architect.

Some important points are kept in mind while building a green home. Talking to News18, Nilanjan Bhowal, the founder and principal architect of the Design Consortium and well-known architect of the country, has shared important tips related to this. For information, let us tell you that Nilanjan Bhowal, who took the initiative to build ‘Organitecture’ and Green and Zero Energy Buildings in India, has been honored with more than 40 National Awards.

Nilanjan Bhowal laid the foundation of 'Organi Architecture' in India.  (Image- Nilanjan Bhowal)

Nilanjan Bhowal laid the foundation of ‘Organi Architecture’ in India. (Image- Nilanjan Bhowal)

Keep special things in mind to build a green home

How is the structure?
According to experts, AAC blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete) should be used to build the house. In simple language, it is advisable to use fly ash bricks for exterior and interior walls. They act as a natural insulator. Their special thing is that they are made from industrial waste.

Take care of orientation
The long walls of the house should be towards north-south so that the house gets natural light and does not get direct sunlight. If this is not possible, then windows facing east and west should be made. Either a double glass window or a visor/balcony should be made to adequately cover the windows.

Make windows facing east and west in the house.  (Image- Nilanjan Bhowal)

Make windows facing east and west in the house. (Image- Nilanjan Bhowal)

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How to have windows and doors?
According to the ‘organization’ expert, the window should be placed towards the north so that maximum light and minimum glare from the sun is received but if this is not possible, then the projection of the balcony can be made in such a way and placed in the east and west directions. So that it reflects the window and diffused light can come inside the house.

conserve rain water
Rain water should be collected in a tank from the terrace and balcony. Apart from this, waste water from bathrooms and kitchens can be used chemically or systematically for gardening and car wash, washing etc.

Home Sewage Treatment Plant
According to the information, sewage is not released directly into municipal lines in green homes. For this, STP i.e. Sewage Treatment Plant is established at home, which is the 1st level of treatment. After this treatment, the water is sent to the municipal treatment plant, where it is further treated. Apart from this, kitchen waste can be used to produce natural manure. The purpose of doing this is to stop the rivers from getting dirty. However, it has not been possible to make it for small houses or flats as it requires 8-10 feet of space.

reusing old building materials
In green houses, old squares, bricks etc. of old houses are reused in non-critical areas.

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proper use of energy
Most of the energy consumed in India is to keep the buildings cool. Solar panels and solar heaters can also be used to save energy. At the same time, insulation like vermiculite can be used to make the floor to keep the roof of the building cool. Significantly, reflective mosaic tiled floors help in reducing heat very effectively. Along with this, you can also build a bio wall at home.

Build a bio wall at home (Image- Nilanjan Bhowal)

Build a bio wall at home (Image- Nilanjan Bhowal)

Important tips for taking care of a green home

All appliances used should have a 5 star rating as they conserve energy.
Solar panels used to generate electricity should be cleaned every week.
– Rain water harvesting tank should be checked on time. It should be seen that all its layers have been properly placed and there is no dirt on it.
Sewage treatment plant also needs regular inspection. The septic tank should be cleaned and the chemicals that need to be added should be added regularly.
Regular cleaning of white tiles / mosaic on the ceiling should also be taken care of.
– Double glazing, if installed, should be checked to ensure that there is no leakage.

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