Exercise benefits: Mental health is better than exercising in depression – study

Exercise improves mental health in depression: A new study has revealed that exercise is very important to lead a healthy life. Exercise not only improves physical but also mental health. A study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Research of America has found that people who did more during the Kovid-19 epidemic. excercise of those Anxiety And the problem of depression was greatly reduced, whereas in those who paid less attention to exercise, the problem of depression, anxiety was seen much more. ANI According to the news, this study also found that people who spent more time outside the home during the epidemic, they also had very low levels of anxiety and depression. This study has been published in the Preventive Medicine Journal.

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Exercise even in adverse conditions
People from six different parts of America were included in this study. The lead author of the study, Deborah Rohm Young, said that this study has explained to us the importance of exercise. He said that even when the epidemic was at its peak, some people maintained their physical activity. The result of this was also seen. Yong said that no matter what the situation, people should physical activity Or exercise should not be avoided. We should motivate people to exercise even in adverse circumstances.

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Physical activity should be maintained at all times
Deborah Rom Yong said that we are all aware of the benefits of exercise. Therefore, whenever such emergency problems arise, we should allow our parks and other natural places to remain open. Due to this the physical activity of the people will not be affected. He said that in March 2020, when the corona epidemic engulfed the whole world, everything was closed to prevent the spread of the disease. From business to movement of people, everything was closed. In such a situation, people had to face very difficult challenges. The social life of the people had completely stopped. Most of the people had to face mental problems like anxiety, depression, restlessness. But those who maintained their physical activity in some way under these opposite conditions, the problem of anxiety or depression was seen very less.

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