Explainer: How is the secret of your health hidden in the potty

From your food to your stomach’s jaggery, all the secrets are hidden in your potty. It gives many important signs related to your health. Its colour, texture and even size reveal all the things about the health or health of the body.

The intestines show whether we are eating right, staying hydrated, whether our digestive system is working properly or not. It gives us important information about our health.

Sheth, MD, a gastroenterologist at Princeton University Medical Center in New Jersey, says, “Paying on the potty can tell you whether you eat enough fiber, or whether you have health problems or bloating.”

It is normal to go potty three times a day to three times a week. If you are going potty more or more than this, then it can be bad news for your stomach.

hard pieces
This means that you are probably not getting enough fiber in your diet, so you may not be able to potty properly.

The recommended amount of fiber should be 25-35 grams in a day. To bring fiber in the food, you should eat a lot of salad with food and eat fibrous fruits during the day.

If enough fiber is not taken in the diet and less amount of water is taken, then the potty is in small and hard pieces.

It can also mean that you are not drinking fluids. Water should be drunk but juice or smoothie should also be drunk so that your stomach remains clean. You must drink eight glasses of water a day from work to work.

This type of potty means that you are not able to empty your rectum completely. If the rectum is not empty, you can get infections. So make sure to change your food habits. Start some exercise too so that your abdominal muscles can be strengthened.

thin potty
Thin potty indicates many things. You may have been infected with a virus. It could also be a viral fever.

There may be food intolerance or allergies. For example, lactose-rich dairy products are allergic to many people. These people are also called lactose intolerant. You should keep getting Gastrointestine O check-up done, in case of inflammation you can take immediate help of doctor. Drinking a lot of soda also makes the potty thin.

black or red potty
Although the color of your potty can be dark red or dark red due to eating fruits and vegetables rich in iron, but you should not ignore it. It can also be a sign of piles. Therefore, if such potty comes continuously, consult a doctor.

too thin potty
This piles occurs when the piles become too much or due to a bad infection in the stomach. Your entire digestive system gets disturbed due to your bad eating habits. In such a situation, you should drink water yourself and take light but nutritious food on time. The biggest sign of weakness in your body is too thin potty.

hard big potty
If you are feeling heaviness in the stomach or are getting tensed due to it going to the toilet, then you are probably a victim of constipation. In such a situation, your attempts to potty can lead to hemorrhoids or sores in the sphincter muscles. In such a situation, take isabgol, drink hot water, and wait but do not try too much because it will harm you. You can also take a stool softener, such as docusate sodium or polyethylene glycol, which makes the stool easier to pass.

The long and successful treatment is to have a light meal. Chew it properly so that it is easy to digest. Eat lots of fruits. If the condition worsens, surgery may be required, so see the doctor at the beginning.

light potty
Stool gets its color from bile. Therefore, a light brown potty may mean that your liver or gallbladder is not working properly. You may be prone to stones.

green-yellow potty
Although green potty can come on eating greens or green vegetables, but if you are getting green potty without eating green leafy vegetables, then it can mean that you have an infection in the intestine. Consult a doctor.

as thin as a pencil
Having a thin pencil-like potty means that the potty is stopping somewhere in your rectum. Or for some reason its shape is changing. It can be the beginning of inflammation, ulcers or piles. Don’t ignore it.

smelly potty
The typical potty smell comes from eating mercaptan, a sulfur containing food. Onions and red red wine make your body smell more, so your potty may smell after consuming these foods.

But if the smell becomes unusually bad, it could indicate conditions such as gastrointestinal bleeding or trouble digesting fats, possibly from other health problems. Fat makes its way into the stool and causes bad breath. It is possible that you are consuming more amount of saturated fat. That’s why the potty stinks.

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