Explainer: Why walking more makes your heart happy

The question is, do you have time to walk for 15 to 30 minutes daily? If taken out, it will not be difficult to do this because if you know the benefits of it, then you will be surprised.

Instead of doing heavy workouts without breaking a sweat, there are many benefits of just walking. It is not us but many research and doctors believe. Know how many diseases a walk of just 15-30 minutes can save you from. And how much will it change your personality?

1. The health of the mind will also be fit
You will also see the effect of walking on your mind. According to the study, walking increases endorphins (hormones present in the brain and nervous system) and decreases stress levels.

This improves brain health and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2. Heart will also be happy with fast speech
According to the American Heart Association, walking like running is also good for the heart. It increases circulation in the heart, lowers cholesterol and keeps blood pressure stable.

3. More oxygen will reach the lungs
Walking strengthens the lungs because it allows more oxygen to flow through the body. This not only makes the lungs healthy but also prevents diseases.

4. The risk of diabetes is also reduced
Research has revealed that the amount of glucose in the body of people who walk is 6 times more than those who run. It also reduces the risk of diabetes.

5. Better than sweating it out at the gym
Excess body fat can be reduced by walking 10 thousand steps daily. Walk keeps the body’s muscle tone fit. This keeps the muscles tight. Walking is much easier than sweating it out in the gym.

6. Strengthens Joints and Bones
Walking for 30 minutes also strengthens your bones and joints. Stronger joints, less risk of injuries. According to the Arthritis Foundation, walking is very beneficial.

7. Body will remain flexible
With increasing age, more exercise sometimes becomes harmful for the waist. But walking proves to be very beneficial in back pain and laxity. This gives relief not only in strength but also in flexibility of the body.

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