Fast Food Dishes: These 10 Fast Food Dishes can be easily prepared at home

Fast Food Dishes: Fast food has become an important part of our diet in the last few years. Usually, fast food is eaten two-three times a week in some form or the other. However, it is important that fast food is not harmful to our body. Let us tell you that even after taking very less time to prepare the dish which is tasty to eat, we keep it in the category of fast food. If we want to avoid fast food outside, then there are many such fast food dishes which we can easily enjoy by preparing them at home. It will be healthy for the children of the house as well as the elders.

Here are 10 Fast Food Dishes
1. Multi Grain Pizza Multi grain pizza can also be made at home. For this prepare the base of pizza by mixing oats and wheat flour. Use tomato sauce in this and mushrooms for the top. Apart from being healthy, it is very tasty to eat.
2. Chicken Burger – When you think of fast food, the picture of a big burger comes to mind. Non-veg lovers can also make it at home. You can fill it according to your choice.

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3. Vegetable Momos – Famous vegetable momos can be easily made at home as a street food. Those who want to eat non-veg momos can use meat instead of vegetables in vegetable momos. Vegetarians can also use paneer instead of vegetables. Rest of the recipe will remain same.
4. Peanut Butter Smoothie – Smoothies can be made at home with the help of milkshakes with sugar and cream. Banana and peanut butter can also be used in this. It is a good fast food to give instant energy to the body.
5. Red Sauce Pasta – To make a perfect red sauce pasta, it is necessary that the right amount of red sauce is mixed in it. When you make it at home with the help of juicy tomatoes and fresh herbs, the difference in taste is known. Onion and garlic can also be added to enhance its flavor.

6. Banana Walnut Muffins – Banana Walnut Muffins can be prepared at home with the help of sweet bananas and walnuts. You can make it with maida and wheat flour or oat meal. This fast food can well fulfill your sweet food hobby.
7. Honey Chili Potato – This is a very popular Chinese dish. In this fried potatoes are dipped with charkha-sweet chili flavor. It is also very famous as a street food in India. You can prepare it at home in few minutes.

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8. Vegetable Sawing – Vegetable chewing is very much liked among children. This is also a Chinese dish. Chowming is made in different ways in different places. It can also be used as an evening snack or for an oriental dinner.
9. Manchurian – On hearing the name of Manchurian, the faces of the children lit up. You can easily make this dish at home. If there is a health scare in eating Manchurian outside the house, then prepare it at home and feed it to the children.
10. Spring Roll – People who love Chinese food must have tasted the vegetable spring rolls. Make it at home and feed it to the children and eat it yourself. This is a healthy fast food.

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