Fasting is also necessary to stay healthy, this thing came out in research

Fasting is also necessary to Stay Healthy : As we all know, whether it is to reduce weight or control blood sugar, experts have been advising to keep the calories of food in moderation for a long time. He believes that by reducing the amount of food, by changing the process of metabolism, maximum benefit can be taken from it. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, University of Wisconsin-Madison Researchers from the United States have found in a new study that simply reducing the number of calories in food is not enough. Rather, fasting is also necessary to take full advantage. The findings of this study are published in the journal Nature Metabolism. published Has happened.

For better health, it is not only necessary to take care of what and how much you eat, but it should also be controlled that when and when to eat.

benefits of fasting
Researchers found that fasting reduces weakness in old age and also increases life span. Researchers also found during the experiment that rats that consumed fewer calories, but never fasted, had a higher rate of death at puberty than rats that ate plenty of food. Research led by UW School of Medicine and Public Health Metabolism Dudley Laming did.

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experiments on rats
Laming’s team divided the mice into four groups according to diet. Rats in one group ate as much as they wanted and whenever they wanted. The other group ate a lot in a short period of time, so that they continued to fast without reducing calories. The other two groups were given 30 percent fewer calories at once or throughout the day. Meaning some rats fasted longer, while others took fewer calories, but never fasted.

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What happened in the study
It was seen in experiments that fasting along with calorie control is also necessary for better control of blood sugar, use of fat for energy and avoid weakness in old age and for longevity. There was no significant change in the rats that ate less food without fasting. It was also told that fasting without reducing the amount of food has the same benefits as controlling calories. Insulin sensitivity can be increased through fasting and metabolism also changes. The liver of the fasting rats was also more healthy in terms of metabolism.

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