Feels too cold in winter? Include these 8 things in food, you will get warmth

Foods That Keeps Body Warm: In the winter season, everyone looks for different ways to keep themselves warm. In such a situation, here we are telling you some such food options, along with keeping the body healthy, they also work to protect against cold. indushealth plus According to this, these foods will also keep you away from cold and flu in winters and will also make your immunity strong.

Your skin and hair also have special benefits by consuming these special foods in winter. So let us know that by consuming what things in winter we can stay warm and healthy.

Foods That Keeps Body Warm- Eat These Things in Winter

1. Dates

The effect of dates is hot, which gives relief in cold. Due to this our body remains warm from inside. In such a situation, you should definitely consume dates in winter. Vitamin A and B are found in dates. Dates also contain a good amount of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and fiber.

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2. Jaggery

Jaggery brings warmth to the body in winter. Metabolism remains good by eating jaggery. Jaggery is also very beneficial for digestion. Jaggery contains iron, which reduces problems like anemia.

3. Sesame

To keep the body warm in winter, you should also consume sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are hot, so eating sesame in cold is beneficial. Mono-saturated fatty acids and anti-bacterial minerals are found in sesame, due to which the body gets many benefits.

4. Honey

Consumption of honey does not cause cold and cough. Because of this, a spoonful of honey must be eaten in the winter in the morning.

5. Tulsi And Ginger

If you drink or chew basil and ginger tea in winter, then you can stay away from cough, cold.

6. Peanut

Peanuts must be eaten in winter. Along with protein and healthy fat, many vitamins and minerals are also found in it. Peanuts contain manganese, vitamin E, phosphorus and magnesium. Cholesterol is also controlled by eating peanuts.

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7. Saffron

Saffron can be used to keep your body warm. Boil it with milk and drink it. Winter will disappear.

8. Dry fruits

Consume dry fruits during the winter season. By consuming it, heat and energy remains in the body.

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