Fenugreek tea is of great use in milk production and hormone balance

Health benefits of fenugreek tea: The medicinal properties of Fenugreek have been described extensively in Ayurveda. Fenugreek is mostly used in spices, but it has many health benefits. Fenugreek tea is commonly used to control sugar. This also controls the weight. webmd According to dot com, however, very few people know that newly made mothers can use it to increase milk production. Apart from this, fenugreek is very beneficial in reducing menstrual cramps. It slows down the process of absorption of carbohydrates in the body.

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Fenugreek reduces the risk of stroke
Fenugreek contains elements like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, folate and vitamin A. It has been claimed in a study that due to the potassium in fenugreek, it controls blood pressure. Apart from this, fenugreek greatly reduces the risk of stroke. Fenugreek has the power to increase the ability of lactation. It has been proved in four studies that fenugreek can increase the production of milk in pregnant women. A study also proved that fenugreek is very beneficial in reducing the hormonal problems in women after menopause. Consuming fenugreek tea can get rid of the problem of hot flashes within 90 days.

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Effective in controlling lipid metabolism
According to a study, fenugreek is beneficial in controlling insulin levels. Fenugreek seeds correct lipid metabolism. The disease of type 2 diabetes is caused due to uncontrolled lipid metabolism. Fenugreek extract regulates the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar in the body. Fenugreek tea also relieves stomach ailments like bloating, acidity and constipation.

How to prepare fenugreek tea
First of all, leave the fenugreek seeds to soak overnight. After this, grind these grains and make them finely. After this boil this water with basil leaves and filter it. If you like sweets, then add a little honey to it and drink it. Fenugreek tea is also tasty in taste and is also useful for health.

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