Flies and insects live inside the house, so know the reason

These Are The Reasons For Flies And Insects Live Inside The House : As soon as the monsoon season comes, water starts accumulating around the house and as soon as the lights are turned on at night, insects, moths etc. start roaming in the houses. Not only this, flies also start appearing in the kitchen and bathroom. They spoil the basic hygiene of the house and cause diseases. In such a situation, even after adopting all the measures in the house, they do not run away completely and start appearing again in a few hours. Actually, the easiest and most effective way to get rid of them is to know the reasons for their arrival. Yes, if you keep some things in mind inside the house, then these insect moths and mosquitoes, flies can be got rid of. So let us know for what reasons they are seen around us.

1. Not maintaining old furniture

When the windows and doors of the house or old table chairs are not taken care of properly, then termites etc. Not only this, spiders etc. also make houses in them. In such a situation, they must be painted once a year. If possible, do dusting them once every two days.

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2. Non-maintenance of Garden

If you have a garden in your house and you have left them like this during the rainy days, then insects, mosquitoes etc. If there is water in the pots or if the pieces of broken pots are still lying there, then many insects can be born here. In such a situation, clean the garden in monsoon and cut the grass. Apart from this, clean the fallen leaves of plants once a week. Because they are the biggest insects.

3. accumulating useless things

It is seen from house to house that the things which we do not need keep getting spoiled but we do not throw them away. This habit is also the reason for the increase of germs in the house.

4. Chimney cleaning required

Chimney cleaning is very important. Actually, this is the place from where the pollution inside the house goes out and fresh air comes in. In such a situation, if they are not cleaned, then the air coming in from outside is not clean and insects start coming inside from here.

5.Not cleaning the bathroom

Actually, the bathroom is such a place where it is necessary to clean the water drain, septic tank etc. If there is no cleanliness here, dirt increases and many types of harmful bacteria also start growing. Mosquitoes and flies also start coming in these dirt. Not only this, cockroaches also easily make their home in the drains here.

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6. Food and Drinks in the Kitchen

In the rainy season, if flour, sugar etc. remain here in the kitchen, then flies start coming here in a few hours. Not only this, even if fruits etc. are kept in the open, even then germs can come here. In such a situation, daily cleaning of the kitchen is very important. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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