Follow these easy tips to store potatoes for a long time

How to Store Potatoes For Long Time: Potato is such a vegetable that is cooked by mixing it with most vegetables. So there many types of snacks are also prepared from it. For this reason, whether there is any other vegetable in the house or not, but potatoes are bought in large quantities in most of the houses so that there is no need to buy again and again, but the problem is that after a few days the potatoes start turning green. Or they start to deteriorate and germinate. After which they have to be thrown even if they do not want to. This happens because they are not stored properly.

If you store potatoes properly, then these potatoes can remain healthy and fresh for a long time without getting green and without spoiling. So let’s know today how to store potatoes properly.

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Do not keep with onions

In most homes, potatoes and onions are kept together. Or it is kept in two separate compartments of the same basket, while this method is not correct. By keeping potatoes with onions, potatoes start sprouting and spoiling quickly. Along with this, the taste of potatoes also starts changing. Therefore, potatoes should not be kept with onions but at a different place.

Do not keep in open or in sunlight

Many times people keep potatoes in any open place or keep them in such a place like courtyard and verandah where sunlight comes. Because of this also, potatoes start spoiling quickly. Potato should be kept in a dark place to keep it fresh and fresh for a long time. You can use deep baskets, paper bags or bamboo baskets to store potatoes.

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keep in a ventilated place

In order for the potatoes not to spoil for a long time, you have to keep the potatoes in a ventilated place. It would be better to keep in mind that even after keeping them in a dark place, they continue to get air. If you are keeping potatoes in any bag, basket, polythene and container, then do not close it, but always keep its mouth open, so that the potato keeps getting air.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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