Following whose advice Nitin Gadkari went to visit Kashmir for the first time, know?

Nitin Gadkari revealed.  (File pic)

Nitin Gadkari disclosed. (File pic)

Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari went to Kashmir for the first time following the advice of an Indian he met in London. This was disclosed by Nitin Gadkari himself. Thousands of crore road construction projects are going on in Jammu and Kashmir for this beauty to reach more and more tourists.

New Delhi. An Indian was met by Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari while walking in London. He talked to Gadkari, during which Gadkari told him his plan ahead. He advised Gadkari. The effect of the same advice is that the Ministry of Road Transport is building an all-weather road for Jammu and Kashmir and Leh Ladakh, so that this area is connected to the whole country throughout the year and tourists can move around easily. This was disclosed by the Road Transport Minister himself during the inspection of a project in Kashmir.

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari is known for building highways and expressways across the country. Gadkari disclosed a suggestion made by an Indian abroad during the inspection of the Z-Mode Tunnel in Kashmir. He told that once he had gone abroad to visit family. During this he went to London and from there there was a plan to visit Switzerland. Found an Indian in London, Gadkari told his plan that from here he would go to Switzerland. On hearing this, he asked whether you have ever visited Kashmir or not. The transport minister said, he has never gone. So he advised that you must visit Kashmir once. Kashmir is 10 times more beautiful than Switzerland. People of India should visit Kashmir instead of going to Switzerland.

Gadkari told that after that he made a plan to visit Kashmir. He said that Kashmir has been called the heaven on earth, that is absolutely correct. There can be no other beautiful place than this. But during snowfall, the connectivity of all parts of Kashmir gets cut off. Tourists can come here only for 6 months. Several thousand crore road projects are going on to invite tourists here throughout the year. Tourists can come here anytime after the work is completed. He told that all the work will be completed before the 2024 elections.

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