Found the option of cornea transplantation, now this new technology can be treated!

Treatment of Cornea by Hydrogel : IIT Hyderabad has done a lot of important research in the field of Ophthalmology. According to the news published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, Associate Professor in the Department of Bio-Medical Engineering in the institute. Dr. Dr Falguni Pati Led researchers have created a special hydrogel, which can be used immediately after an injury to the cornea of ​​​​the eye. According to research, this hydrogel can be helpful in reducing the damage caused by scarring in the injured cornea. This hydrogel has been developed by a simple process from the abandoned cornea of ​​humans and other organisms. With this hydrogel, many processes of ophthalmology will be easier, as well as it will also reduce the need for surgery.

Researchers have enabled it to be used by injection through two formats, liquid and gel, based on the incubation temperature. There is currently no effective strategy for preventing scarring in an injured cornea. As of now there is no treatment available for scarring other than corneal transplant.

What does the cornea do in the eye
The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye. It is part of the transparent, dome shaped, which covers the outer part of the eye. In simple words, it is the clear outer surface of the eye. It is present just in front of the iris and the pupil, which enables light to enter the eye.

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It is one of the essential elements of the human eye, as it allows light to enter the eye to form vision, as soon as light enters your eye, it is refracted or refracted through the cornea. Turns from the curved edge. The outer layer of the cornea is the protective covering of the cornea. This dirt along with the sclera acts as a barrier against germs and other elements that can damage the eye.

‘The way to bring light in life’
Congratulating the team of researchers on this achievement, IIT Hyderabad Director Prof. NS. Murty (Prof. Murty BS) said, ‘Sight is very important for any living creature. In such a situation, this discovery made by Dr. Falguni and his team will become a means to bring light in the lives of many people. This discovery has once again redrawn our commitment to work for and increase cooperation for the greater good of society.

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Pro. D. Balasubramanian Chair of Eye Research and Virender Sangwan Chair of Regenerative Ophthalmology and Director of the Center for Ocular Regeneration (CORE) Dr. Sayan Basu It says, ‘In India and many other developing countries, corneal disease is the most responsible for most cases of blindness and vision impairment and there are very few donors. In such a situation, our participation will be very fruitful. With this, all those people will get freedom from corneal blindness, who face difficulties in corneal transplant.

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