From where do these uninvited guests come in the house, if any mistake of yours does not invite them?

Entry Points of Mosquitoes-Insects : The outbreak of mosquitoes and insects increases suddenly during the rainy season. Due to accumulation of water in places, they arise anywhere and start attacking your houses. Small insects in the kitchen and mosquitoes and flies in the house do not let you sit in peace. In such a situation, if you have small children in your house, then you need to be more careful. Because one, they can spread infection by sitting on food items, secondly they can bite anyone and give serious disease.

Although from time to time you take many measures to kill them, but have you ever wondered where do these insects and mosquitoes come from? Is there any mistake of yours that does not invite them to come home? In the report published in Amar Ujala, many reasons have been given behind this.

home windows
The most important way for mosquitoes and flies to enter the house is through windows and doors. From here they enter our homes and if the windows and doors of our house are not properly meshed, then they are sure to come. Many times, window-doors get holes in them due to their melting due to termites, wood getting damaged by rain water or rusting of iron. Due to which the entry of mosquitoes and flies becomes easy.

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Bathroom is such a place which would hardly be able to stay dry during the day. So make sure that the water slope on the bathroom floor is perfect. If the water stagnates there, then mosquitoes will be born. If the water in your bathroom doesn’t go straight into the drain grate, you’ll need to hit the wipers. However this is not a permanent solution. But it is important to pay attention to this. Many times mosquitoes also come from the scent of soap-shampoo kept in the bathroom, so do clean the drain going to the water once a week, put medicine in it. Take care that the hair does not get in that mesh, otherwise the drain will get clogged and mosquitoes will not be late to enter the house from your bathroom.

kitchen cleaning
The cleanliness of the kitchen is most important. It is generally seen that people leave dinner utensils along with the leftovers in the kitchen, many times that food gets rotten by morning. Some people keep collecting kitchen waste for many days, thinking that there is only a little, if there is more then they will remove it. Avoid doing this. Keeping rotten food or food waste such as tea leaves, peels of vegetables, peels of fruits etc. starts rotting and insects and mosquitoes are born in them. Keep in mind that the kitchen garbage should be thrown from time to time, there should be no leftover or waste food in the utensils. If possible, clean the utensils immediately after eating. Do not put food items in the kitchen drain. Otherwise there may be a blockage. Due to which you will not only have trouble, mosquitoes will also have fun.

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Keep in mind that the infection from the kitchen gets a way to go into our body. If flies and mosquitoes sit in any food item and you eat that food, then they can make you sick.

Waste goods
It has been seen many times that we keep the broken things of our house on the roof or in the store room. But we do not take care of that place at all. The result is that over time many types of insects and mosquitoes start growing there. Due to rain, dampness comes in the room, due to lack of sunlight, mosquitoes start breeding there, iron articles start rusting. Therefore, check your store room or waste storage place from time to time, there should not be any accumulation of dirt or water.

fireplace and skylight
Chimneys and skylights are for air and light in the house, but if they are not kept clean from time to time, they can become a haven for uninvited guests, mosquitoes and flies. There should be a mesh in the chimney, the skylight should also be for air only, not for insects and mosquitoes to come from there. If this is not the case, insects will come into the house from these places.

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