Fruit Smoothies: Try These 5 Fruit Smoothies At Home, Healthy And Full Of Taste

Fruit Smoothies: Smoothies are a better option for health. If there is a fruit smoothie in it too, then it is healthy as well as tasty. Let us tell you that smoothie is basically a healthy and thick beverage which is prepared in a special way. Fruit smoothie is prepared with blended fruits and cold milk. Smoothies can be used anytime once a day. Along with giving energy to the body, it also fulfills breakfast. By the way, ice, fruit juices, milk, sweeteners, raw fruits are traditionally used to make smoothies. At the same time, there is a slight change in the way of making the smoothie according to different fruits.

Today we are going to tell you about five such fruit smoothies, which if used, you will be able to enjoy the taste along with better health.

1. Banana Smoothie – Banana smoothie is an easy and healthy recipe. Ripe bananas and cold milk are used in this. Mainly vanilla yogurt, honey are also used in it. If you want to prepare banana smoothie of children’s choice, then dates and cocoa powder can also be mixed in it.
2. Mango Smoothie – Be it adults or children, everyone likes mango smoothie easily. Apart from mango, cashew, ice and milk are mainly used in this. The specialty of this recipe is the sweetness of mango.

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3. Watermelon Smoothie – Watermelon smoothie can be used to maintain the water level in the body as well as for plenty of energy. Lemon and ginger are also used in making it, which gives a different taste to this smoothie.
4. Blood Orange Strawberry Smoothie – Another great variety of smoothie is Blood Orange Strawberry, which uses two fruits, Orange and Strawberry. Because of this, its test is completely different. It is prepared with the help of honey, ice and curd.
5. Chocolate Banana Smoothie – If you want to drink chocolate milkshakes, then Chocolate Banana Smoothie can do this job for you. The specialty of this smoothie is that it tastes like a dessert. Milk, curd, chocolate nuts, bananas and ice are used to make it.

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