Gandhi @ 150: Know which cars Gandhi used to drive…

Today i.e. 2nd October is Gandhi’s birthday. Gandhiji who did Satyagraha, did civil disobedience and non-cooperation movement and got freedom for the country. This year is the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi ji, in honor of which the government is going to issue stamps and coins. On this occasion, we tell you which cars he used in his entire life?

Ford Model T-

Ford Model T. (Image source: Twitter/ 365 Days of Motoring)

There used to be very few cars in the country at that time. Among them, the Ford Model T was widely believed by the people and it was considered to be one of the most reliable cars. It was such a great car that it was compared to all the best cars in America. In India, this car was used by Mahatma Gandhi on many occasions, so it is a car of great historical importance. This car was used by Mahatma Gandhi to address a rally in 1927.

Packard 120 –

Mahatma Gandhi Packard 120 With Car

Mahatma Gandhi was also seen many times in Packard 120. It is said that this car belonged to the then well-known industrialist and freedom fighter Ghanshyam Das Birla. These were the few cars in the whole of India at that time. It is believed that Lala Shriram, another industrialist and businessman of that time, also had such a white Packard car. Lala Shri Ram was the owner of Delhi Cloth and General Mills.

Studebaker President

Studebaker President. (Image source: Team BHP)

As its name also suggests, the Studebaker President car was used by well-known and important personalities of that time. This car was manufactured from 1926 to 1933. It was used by VIPs not only in India but all over the world. It was manufactured by Studebaker Corporation in Indiana, USA.

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