Ganesh Mahotsav 2021: Know these rules of Vastu before giving Ganpati idol as a gift

Vastu Tips Related To Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity. In such a situation, everyone likes to keep an idol of Ganesha at their home. Not only this, people also present the idol of Ganapati to their family members or friends as a gift. But do you know that there are some rules for gifting the idol of Ganpati or keeping it in the house? According to Vastu, it is believed that if these rules are not followed, then instead of positive benefits, there may be some loss. Let us know what are the important things to keep in mind before entering the Ganesh idol in the house..

keep these things in mind

1. Do not keep them in the bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the idol of Ganesh should never be kept in the bedroom. If we keep these in the bedroom, then there can be discord in married life. The idol of Ganesha should not be decorated even on the wall of the bathroom.

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2. Dancing Ganesha

Never buy such an idol of Ganpati which is in a dancing posture. Such idols should not be given even as a gift. It is believed that keeping such idols in the house or giving them as gifts brings discord in life.

3. Do not give in daughter’s marriage

It is believed that if someone gives the idol of Lord Ganesha as a gift in the marriage of his daughter, then along with the Lakshmi of the house, Ganesh also leaves the house. In such a situation, after the marriage of the daughter, both Sukh and Jas go together in the house.

4. Left Mukhi Ganapati is auspicious

Whenever you buy Ganpati to keep in the house, make sure that his trunk is turned towards the left. Because special rules have to be followed in the worship of Dakshin Mukhi Ganapati.

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5. Bal Swaroop Ganesh

According to Vastu, it is considered good to give Ganesha as a gift to newly married couples. It is believed that such an idol gives birth to a child who respects the parents.

6. Sindoori Swaroop Statue

If there is a problem in your job or business, then you should put the idol in the form of vermilion in the house or shop. This removes the problems and leads to success. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned specialist)

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