‘Gaya’ is called the land of knowledge and salvation, definitely make a plan to visit in November

Visit To Gaya: Gaya, the major city of Bihar, is popularly known as the land of knowledge and salvation. Every year lakhs of people come to Gaya to perform Pind Daan for the salvation and salvation of their ancestors. Gaya is the only place in India where Shradh for ancestors is performed throughout the year. People from all over the world come to Gaya all the time to perform Shradh for the salvation of their ancestors. It is considered best to do Pind Daan in Gaya. By donating Pind here, the wish of salvation of ancestors is fulfilled. If you are a person full of religious sentiments, then Gaya can prove to be a perfect destination for you to visit in the month of November. Here you can visit religious places with your whole family. You will feel a wonderful peace when you visit here and you will also get satisfaction. Let us know about the history of Gaya and which places you can visit here.

History of Gaya
Gaya is known as the city of Vishnu. The land of Gaya is also called the land of salvation. Lord Rama himself has also described the glory of Gaya. It is said that on earth, Mother Sita herself had given a body of sand to King Dasharatha on the banks of the Flugu river. It is believed that King Dasharatha attained heaven only after this body. According to the legend, a demon named Gayasur had done austerity and sought a boon from Brahmaji. Gayasur asked for a boon from the Supreme Father Brahma that his body would become pure like the gods and every person would be freed from sin just by the mere sight of him. After this people started committing sins without fear and the mere sight of Gayasur started getting rid of sins. Due to this boon of Gayasur, a lot of crowd increased in heaven too. Then the troubled gods demanded a holy place from Gayasur to perform the Yagya. Gayasur asked the gods to perform a yajna on his body and he lay down for it.

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When Gayasur lay down, it spread in five kos. It is said that Gaya is spread in this five kos. Gayasur’s desire to free people from sin never ended and he asked the gods for a boon that this place should remain to give salvation to the people. He asked for a boon from the deities that whosoever would donate Pind here, they would get salvation immediately. After this Lord Vishnu himself placed his right foot on Gayasur. Due to this, the statue of Lord Vishnu is present in the famous Vishnupad temple of Gaya. People come to this temple from far away to have darshan and tarpan.

Gaya has 48 altars
It is said that earlier there were 360 ​​altars of different names in Gaya, where Pind Daan was done. Now 48 of these altars are left where Pind Daan is done. Every year lakhs of people from the country and abroad reach Gaya for Pindaddaan and pray for the salvation of their ancestors. It is also said that until the ancestors do not perform Shradh in Gaya, they do not attain salvation.

Must visit these places in Gaya

Mahabodhi Temple
Mahabodhi Temple is one such temple where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Along with this, a huge statue of Lord Buddha has also been installed here. Mahabodhi Temple is situated at a distance of only 16 kms from Gaya station.

Great Buddha Statue
The Great Buddha Statue in Gaya is about 20 meters high. In this meditation posture, Lord Buddha is built on a lotus which looks quite grand.

Vishnu Pad Mandir
The Vishnu Pad temple in Gaya is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. People from all over the country and abroad come here to do Pind Daan.

Bodhi Tree
Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. He used to stay in meditation posture under this tree and it is situated behind the Mahabodhi temple.

Thai Monastery
The Thai monastery is built on the theme of architecture and also has a 25 meter high statue of Lord Buddha.

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Muchlind Lake
Muchlind Lake is located inside the Mahabodhi Temple. It is believed that when Buddha was meditating, there was a storm which was disturbing the attention of Lord Buddha, then there the Muchlind snake protected the Lord.

chinese temple
The Chinese temple is built near the Mahabodhi temple and has 500 years old idols which were brought from China.

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