Gene mutation responsible for lung cancer in people who do not smoke cigarettes

Lung cancer in non-smoker: Smoking is a very bad addiction. Smoking gives rise to many diseases, due to which many lives are ruined. Even after knowing this, people do not want to give up smoking or after a few days again adopt this addiction. It has been proved that smoking causes incurable diseases like cancer, which also prove to be fatal over time. Lung cancer is the most common cause of smoking. However, in many research it has also come to the fore that people who do not smoke can also have lung cancer. Till now the reasons for this are not known.

The Tribune According to the news, now the US Department of Health and Human Services (The National Institutes of Health -NIH) has claimed on the basis of a research that the form of cancer in people who smoke is not in non-smokers. Is. If lung cancer occurs in people who do not smoke, then gene mutation is responsible for it. This study has been published in Nature Genetics.

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naturally occurring gene mutation
The study analyzed the genes for lung cancer in people who did not smoke. The analysis found that the genes present in cancer cells in people who smoke are not in cancer cells of people who do not smoke. The tumors that formed in the lungs of non-smokers were formed as a result of gene mutations and the reason was natural. That is, through a natural process in people who do not smoke, there was a mutation of the gene in the body and due to this cancer cells flourished. When there is a permanent change in the DNA of cells, it is called mutation.

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In the future, the path of separate treatment will open.
Maria Teresa Landi, an expert in the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the NCI, who is leading the research, said: “What we are seeing is whether lung cancer is different or different in non-smokers. Landy said, “Since we now know that there is a different type of lung cancer in people who do not smoke, we may look for different types of treatment for them in the future.” Every year more than two million people worldwide have to deal with lung cancer. In most cases of lung cancer, the environment is to blame, but scientists still do not know what is the real reason for it.

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