Goods are available for 50 rupees in this market of Delhi-NCR, make a plan to roam on Sunday

Banjara Market In Gurugram: If you want to buy furniture for home or home decor, if you like shopping, then you can go to this special market of Delhi-NCR by sticking to the big showroom. This can prove to be your perfect destination for a Sunday walk. Actually shopping for home is a big task. Some people go to the showroom and shop for them, while some people like to shop online. But do you know where is the cheapest and best furniture and home decor market in India? This market is called the paradise for interior designers. In this market, you start getting high quality home decoration items from the price of Rs 50 and in the wholesale price, there is a daily shopping of lakhs of rupees. This market is famous as Banjara Market.

Located in Gurgaon (Gurugram) of Delhi NCR, this market is the favorite shopping destination of many people. Banjara Market is called a shopping paradise because it offers almost all the household items needed from beds, diwans, sofas to mirror decorations, clay, copper utensils and that too at wholesale prices. The specialty of this market is that here you can easily get the goods related to all kinds of themes.

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Know the specialty of Banjara Market
Everything is available from large furniture to small mirror work items.
If you have to do antique shopping then this market can prove to be the best.
Not only antique decoration items but also things like furniture, armchairs are easily found here.
Banjara Market can prove to be a paradise of wooden furniture for you.

Sale of goods starts from Rs 50
In Banjara Market, even the smallest items are spot on for you. If you want frames with exquisite carvings and want to have some wall hangings to hang on the walls, then you can choose the design of your choice and you will find it here in many shops. Not only this, even if you need tiles related to table coaster, tray, box, mirror work, then you will get it very easily. While you will get photo frames in the range of Rs 50, you may have to pay up to Rs 70 for coasters, trays, tiles, small boxes.

Home Decor Goods At Reasonable Prices
Home decor items are available here at very reasonable prices. If you want candle stands, lanterns, then they can be found in the range of Rs 100 and similar antique items in the range of Rs 150. Watering cans or pots can also be found. In this market, you can get gardening items, kitchen items, utensils, tables, chairs and much more. You can also take items for mirror work, room partition, which will be available up to Rs 1000. You will also get an antique decor piece here easily for Rs 400-600.

Keep these things in mind while shopping in Banjara Market

Take care of bargaining
You need to do a lot of bargaining in Banjara Market. It is also known as Sarojini Market of Interior Designers. Just as bargaining takes place in Sarojini market, similarly it happens in Banjara market too. From Victoria paintings to modern sofa sets, bargaining can be done on everything.

make your budget
One very important thing you have to keep in mind is that you should make your budget. You will see many shops and many types of items, but you have to take care that you do not go over your budget because many times you do more shopping in such markets.

Wear walking shoes and comfortable clothes
Banjara Market is spread over a very large area and one has to walk a lot here. At least 3-4 hours will take you here. You need a lot of patience and you may have to work very hard. For this, wear clothes and shoes according to your comfort.

have to walk among the dust
You go with sunglasses, cap, sunscreen all prepared because there is a lot of dust and soil and you have to walk among them.

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Goods from Rs 50 to Rs 20000
You should buy the goods according to your need. If you are going with a theme, then you should shop according to that theme because if you buy one item of antique and you buy something else for modern decor, then after going home you will see that you have taken a lot which can be used. can not do.

How to reach Banjara Market
Banjara Market is located in Sector 56 of Gurugram and to reach here you can go by metro till HUDA City Center. It is located on the Yellow Line of Delhi-NCR and you will have to take a shared auto from HUDA City Center. You can also own a personal auto and you can reach Banjara Market by paying around 50 rupees.

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