Govardhan Puja 2021: When is Govardhan Puja? Know auspicious time, worship method and importance

Govardhan Puja 2021: Govardhan Puja, which takes place on the next day of Diwali i.e. Kartik Shukla Pratipada, has great importance in Hinduism. Livestock is worshiped along with Govardhan Parvat on this day. This worship was started by the Brajwasis at the behest of Lord Krishna. It is believed that God had asked the people of Braj to worship Govardhan Parvat instead of worshiping Indra, because from there the entire cow of Braj used to get fodder. On this day, people decorate the cow and bull by bathing them. Cows and oxen are fed by mixing jaggery and rice. People express their gratitude towards nature by worshiping Govardhan.

Annakut Puja is also offered to Lord Krishna on this day. Now let us tell you how Govardhan Puja is done and what is its auspicious time.

How is Govardhan Puja done?
What you have to do for Govardhan Puja, wake up early in the morning and sit at the place of worship with the worship material and meditate on your family deity, family deity and prepare Govardhan mountain with cow dung for worship. It is made in the shape of a lying male. After this, decorate them with flowers, leaves, twigs and cow figures or you can decorate it with any shape according to your convenience.

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After preparing the shape of the Govardhan mountain, the idol of Lord Krishna is placed in the middle of them, keep in mind that a bowl-like part is left empty in the middle of the figure of Govardhan ji, that is, at the navel. And a bowl or an earthen lamp is placed there, then milk, curd, Gangajal, honey and Batase etc. are put in it and worshiped and later it is distributed in the form of prasad.

auspicious time of govardhan puja
Govardhan Puja is performed twice in the morning and evening. In the morning, where Lord Krishna and Govardhan perform worship and story-aarti of the mountain with incense, fruits, flowers, toys, sweets etc., then in the evening they are worshiped by offering Annakoot. This year, the auspicious time of the morning for Govardhan Puja is from 06:36 in the morning to 08:47 in the morning. So the auspicious time for evening worship is from 03.22 pm to 05.33 pm.

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what is annakoot
This day is also called Annakoot. Annakoot is called a group of many types of grains and vegetables. On this day 21, 51, 101 and 108 vegetables are mixed according to their strength, a kind of mixed vegetable is prepared, which is specially made to offer to God on the day of Govardhan Puja. Along with this, there is a tradition of offering food to Lord Krishna with different types of food and sweets. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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