Great offer from Honda! Get huge discounts on these scooties including bikes

If you are also planning to buy a 2-wheeler then Honda has brought a good opportunity for you. In fact, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (Honda) has started a new program in the form of online booking to sell its old two-wheeler. Under this program of the company, it is selling its BS-4 model bike and scooty. The two-wheelers made available for the sale of the company were listed on the website and for information, let us tell you that these vehicles are not running at all. The good thing is that Honda is offering huge discounts on these vehicles.

The company is selling its BS-4 stock through dealers at attractive discounts. Although the company did not say that this stock is BS-4, but seeing such offers on unmanned vehicles, it can be inferred that the vehicles can be BS-4 standard.

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The BS-4 stock is now being sold at an attractive price by registering under the time-limit. The price of all these two-wheelers is much lower than the BS-6 two-wheelers. It is being told that these can be Honda’s vehicles which could not be sold within the deadline of 31 March 2020. After this, the High Court also gave extension of time to the companies, but the company could not sell them.

If you go to a Honda dealer to buy these vehicles, your delivery will depend on the model available to you and the inventory at that dealership. If you also want to buy a two-wheeler, then you have to go to the company’s website and give personal information like name, email and phone number.

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