Guava is very effective for diabetic patients in winter

Health Benefits of guava: Guava is found in almost every part of the country. It is more visible in the market during the winter season. Guava turns yellow when ripe. Its entire fruit is edible. Healthline According to the news, guava in winter is beneficial for health in many ways. Not only guava, but guava leaves also have medicinal properties. Guava is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and plenty of fiber. It is very low in calories. It is very good in controlling weight. Sugar also remains under control by the consumption of this fruit. Guava fulfills the lack of blood in the body, as well as relieves from cold and cough in winter. Guava protects from cold in winter. Guava also boosts immunity in winter. Here we are telling you some benefits of guava.

Benefits of Guava

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lowers sugar level
Guava is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Some studies have also found that the consumption of guava keeps blood sugar under control. Guava leaves are also beneficial for diabetics. Drinking guava leaf tea reduces blood sugar.

maintains heart health
High levels of antioxidants are found in guava. Apart from this, many types of vitamins are also found in it, which protect against heart damage due to free radicals. Due to the potassium and fiber present in guava, it is beneficial for heart health. It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

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reduces period pain
A study has found that guava and guava leaves are helpful in reducing period pain in women. Guava also reduces cramps in the stomach.

Guava boosts immunity
When the weather changes, it affects the body’s immune system. In such a situation, many antioxidants present in guava prove to be helpful in boosting immunity. Guava not only boosts immunity, but it also gives energy.

digestion will be fine
Guava contains the most fiber as compared to other fruits, which relieves the problem of constipation. Guava seeds help to overcome the problem of gas and indigestion.

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