Happy Birthday Kartik Aaryan: Follow his routine to stay fit like handsome hunk Kartik Aaryan

Happy Birthday Kartik Aaryan: Bollywood actors Kartik Aaryan Has birthday on 22 November (Monday). Karthik Aryan is a fast rising star of the Hindi film industry. Along with his chocolaty hero, Karthik remains in a lot of discussion among his fans about his fitness. Especially his youth fans like Karthik Aryan’s fitness a lot. Kartik Aaryan social media but are also very active and they fitness and workout Constantly post about it too. To maintain his fitness, Karthik does not hesitate to work out late at night.

If you also want to look fit like Karthik Aryan, then know about his routine. Unlike most Bollywood actors Kartik Aaryan Are completely vegetarian. Because of this, they are also not at risk of rapidly increasing fat in the body due to non-veg. Karthik is also considered very disciplined regarding daily exercise. in their food protein rich diet Also focus on

This is Karthik Aryan’s diet schedule
Karthik Aryan, who keeps himself very fit, is also considered very alert about his diet. Hindustan Times According to the news of Karthik Aryan told about his daily diet during an interview. Kartik wakes up every morning and drinks lukewarm lemon water on an empty stomach. Lemon water reduces the fat that climbs on their body, as well as improves metabolism. He believes in keeping his daily diet simple.

Karthik believes that it is very important to always keep the body hydrated to keep fit. Being a vegetarian, they take more protein rich food in their diet. Apart from this, according to his trainer, Karthik eats a little every two hours. Instead of drinking regular tea or coffee, they drink green tea daily.

Make te six packs in 6 months
Karthik and his trainers keep changing things constantly regarding fitness. In another interview, Karthik told that he had made his six pack abs in about 6 months. He told that to stay fit, ‘I do 200 push ups and jump rope 500 times daily.’ Karthik also climbs the mountain for exercise. They also resort to other exercises including leg crunches, leg raises, cycling.

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