Happy Birthday Rekha: Plenty of water and good sleep, this is the secret of Rekha’s fitness and beauty

Happy Birthday Rekha: Bollywood actress Rekha is often in discussion about her fitness and beauty. Today i.e. on October 10, Rekha is going to step on the 67th position of age. But even today, due to her beauty, fitness and dressing sense, she gives competition to the actresses of this era. Rekha may not be seen in films these days, but she is often seen participating in many reality shows. Seeing the beauty and fitness of Rekha increasing day by day, people wonder what is its secret. So, on the occasion of Rekha’s birthday, today we tell you about Rekha’s fitness and beauty secrets.

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Takes special care of diet

Rekha takes special care of her diet. The biggest secret of her fitness and beauty is water. To maintain it, she drinks 10-12 glasses of water daily. Due to this, along with keeping the skin hydrated, the toxic elements come out from the body and the skin also glows. Rekha eats boiled green vegetables in large quantities. In which there is less oil and very less spice. Along with this, she likes to eat roti and a bowl of curd. She also likes to eat dry fruits in small amounts and keeps distance from junk food.

Follows strict daily routine
Rekha also follows her daily routine very strictly. She takes her dinner before 7.30 pm and does not eat anything else after that. Along with this, due to sleeping early at night, she does not attend late night events. Rekha tries to take at least 2 hours for herself before sleeping. Along with this, Rekha definitely completes 8 hours of sleep in any case. Which plays a special role in enhancing their beauty along with their health.

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definitely do yoga
Rekha does yoga everyday to keep herself fit. No matter how busy she is, she always takes out time for yoga. They believe that yoga makes a person mentally and physically strong. Due to this their health remains healthy and fitness remains intact. Along with this yoga also brings glow on their face which enhances their beauty even more.

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