Harsingar Benefits: From the pain of dengue and arthritis, Harsingar also keeps mental health fine, know the benefits

Night Jasmine Health Benefits: The flower of Harsingar (Night Jasmine) is known by many names like Parijat, Queen of the Night, Night Jasmine etc. Its flowers are not only beautiful in appearance, but also benefit health in many ways. Apart from the flowers of Harsingar, its leaves, seeds, bark etc. have also been used in Ayurveda. Its plant has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

the healthsight According to this, if you drink a decoction of Harsingar leaves, then it can provide relief in the unbearable pain in the body during dengue. Come, let us know in what things we can use Harsingar plant.

Benefits of Harsingar

1. Arthritis

Boil Harsingar leaves, flowers and its bark in a jug of water and drink it hot when one-fourth remains. This will give relief in any kind of pain and swelling.

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2. Colds, Colds and Sinus

Grind the leaves of Harsingar and extract the juice from its leaves. Now mix it with honey and drink it. There will be relief in cold, cough, cold. You can make a decoction by boiling its leaves and flowers. Also mix some basil leaves with it. Drinking this gives relief in the problem of phlegm.

3. Fever

If you are suffering from high fever, boil the bark of Harsingar plant with its leaves and basil leaves and drink it twice a day. Fever will get relief.

4. Anxiety

If you are troubled by anxiety, then use Harsingar oil. Its fragrance saves you from stress and anxiety. It increases the serotonin level in the brain and helps in keeping the mood better.

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5. Sciatica Pain

If there is a problem of sciatica, then take three to four leaves of Harsingar plant and boil it in water. Now filter this water and consume it twice a day on an empty stomach. There will be relief in pain.

6. In Dengue Pain

If there is pain in the body due to dengue, then you can boil Harsingar leaves in water for some time and drink it when it becomes half. Body pain will give relief. This decoction is also very beneficial in malaria.

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