Hartalika Teej 2021: Open fast like this after Hartalika Teej fast, keep these things in mind while eating

Hartalika Teej 2021: The fasting of Hartalika Teej holds great significance for women. This fast is very strict and women observe it fast and fast. unmarried girls
Married women observe this fast to get a good husband and to increase their good fortune. It is believed that Lord Shiva had done the story of this fast to remind Mother Parvati of her previous birth. After being hungry and thirsty for the whole day, after the completion of this fast, the way of opening it should also be fine so that the body does not suffer. We are going to tell you some such ways.

eat these things
Moong Dal Khichdi Moong Dal Khichdi will provide energy as well as being digestible. While making it, keep in mind that the ratio of three handfuls of moong dal and one handful of rice should be kept in it.
sprouted grains After breaking the fast, its chaat can be prepared by taking different sprouted grains.
fruit chaat After breaking the fast, eating fruit chaat can also be a better option. Which will be tasty as well as provide nutritiousness.
green vegetables Gourd, Gilki, Tomato, Pumpkin including other green vegetables which are nutritious as well as light can be eaten by making them.
Mix flour rotis Mixing the flour of other cereals including wheat, barley, millet and making nutritious mix flour loaves will be very beneficial for the body.

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can open fast like this
If you have done this fast by staying completely dehydrated, then you should break this fast by drinking lukewarm water. Drink three to four glasses of hot water. 2 bananas as a solid food for a while
Should take Banana increases the energy level in the body rapidly, so after eating it, you will feel less weak. After this, moong dal can be eaten by making khichdi.

Keep these things in mind
You can also break the fast with lemonade, coconut water, or juice of mosambi. With this you will feel energy and the system of your digestive system will also be better. Avoid eating too much after fasting.

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Eat food in pieces throughout the day. You can also take sprouted food in between. Avoid eating foods made from more oil and spices on the day the fast is broken. Keep away from sweets and fried dishes as well.

On the next day of fasting, it is better to take light and digestible things like gourd, gilki, tomato, pumpkin, lentils and curd. You can also eat it by making an upma of mixed flour.

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