Have you ever eaten ‘2 Minute Maggi’ samosas? In this way you can try at home

Maggi Samosa: Everyone has tasted Maggi but have you ever tasted Maggi Samosa? Many of us will be such that they must have known for the first time that Maggi samosa is also made. The need to prepare something quick for breakfast has made Maggi quite popular in our country. Indians are very experimental in food, along with this, we do not forget to put our own style in every domestic and foreign dish. Something similar happened with Maggi from abroad as well. Initially, Maggi made in a few minutes was recognized as an appetite suppressant, but with the passage of time, many varieties of Maggi started appearing in the market. Now there is a long list of different types of Maggi made. One of them is Maggi Samosa.

Maggi came to India for the first time in 1983.
The big market of our country attracts every country of the world. Everyone wants their things to reach the Indian people. Maggi first came to India in the year 1983. Maggi Noodles was launched for the first time in the country by Nestle India Limited. Due to being made in a few minutes, Maggi was already very much in vogue abroad. Maggi noodles were first introduced in Germany 86 years before its launch in India.

For this reason it was named Maggi Noodles.
While eating Maggi, it must have come to mind that why Maggi was named Maggi. If you are still unaware of this, then we tell you about it. Actually, the name of the person who made Maggi noodles was Julius Michael Johannes Maggi. It was named ‘Maggie’ after his name. Julius was from Switzerland. When Julius launched Maggi, it was taken by the people of Switzerland. Apart from Maggi, he had also introduced many types of flavored soups in the market. At that time all of them also became very popular.

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How to make Maggi Samosa
Many varieties of Maggi are available in the market these days. One of these is Maggi Samosa. If you have not tried it yet, then you can easily make it at home, for this you will have to arrange these ingredients.
Ingredients for Maggi Samosa
Boiled potatoes – 5
Maggi Packet – 1
Chaat masala
red chili
Garam Masala
All purpose flour – 3 tbsp (for batter)
green coriander
green chili chopped
salt to taste

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How to make Maggi Samosa
To make Maggi Samosa, first take boiled potatoes and mash them well. After that mix all the spices including red chili, garam masala. then mix them well
Give it Now prepare the flour mixture. Now take Maggi and crush it well. Now take the potato spice and give it the shape of a samosa and dip it in the flour solution. Then in crushed Maggi
Keep it and apply Maggi well from all sides. After this take a pan and heat oil in it and fry these samosas. In this way your Maggi Samosa is ready. Serve it with chutney.

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