Having trouble doing yoga? Follow these 5 easy tips

Yoga Tips : Yoga is often seen as asanas that involve twisting the limbs in a difficult way, but this is not so. Speaking to The Indian Express, Yoga expert Abhishek Otwal said, “It is not about touching your toes or extending the body to 98 degrees North-East, but it is about your breath, body and mind. It is an easy process to unite yourself by using it.’ Yoga experts say that it does not matter whether you are flexible or not or are starting your ‘yoga journey’ at the age of 40. This fitness journey will make you very happy and relaxed. Along with this, he has given some easy tips for people starting to do yoga. By following them, you too can start your yoga journey.

warm up
Soft warm up exercises help in making the body flexible and prepare you for various difficult asanas. Rotate your neck both clockwise and anti-clockwise and pump your shoulders to relieve any tightness and lethargy.

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no time, it is necessary to be regular
Although morning is the best time to do yoga but as long as you are regular with it, any time of the day is fine. Yoga expert Abhishek Otwal says that in the beginning do not put too much emphasis on your body. With daily practice, your body’s flexibility and stamina will improve. Always end with yoga nidra for a few minutes as it is helpful in cooling down the body and calming the mind.

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start with easy asanas
The yoga expert further told that whenever you start with yoga, do it with easy asanas, such as downward facing breathing, tree pose, child’s pose and shavasana. In each pose, try to press your hands or feet to the floor, relax your spine and hips, and focus. If you keep this in mind as you practice, you will work with each pose exactly as skilled yoga practitioners do. There’s no need to jump into more complicated poses or try to jump.

do asanas empty stomach
Always practice yoga on an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after your last meal. While practicing yoga, you are much more in tune with the subtle feelings of your body than at any other point and practicing yoga with a full stomach leads to discomfort and discomfort.

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Yoga experts say, “Eating just before a practice can lead to a feeling of heaviness and can also disrupt the digestive process. It is also advised to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day to flush out the toxins from the body.

take care of your breath
Breathing plays an important role in yoga because the practice of yoga is about finding a healthy, deep harmony between our body and mind, and breathing is essential for this.

Yoga teacher’s supervision is necessary
It is always best to start yoga under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher, who can show you the right way to perform each technique. This will help you learn yoga asanas properly and avoid injuries.

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