Health news: Drinking alcohol increases or decreases weight, know the solution of this riddle

Alcohol consumption and weight gain: Drinking alcohol is a bad habit. Alcohol causes great harm to the body. Consumption of alcohol is very harmful for vital organs like liver, kidney, heart. But does drinking alcohol also increase body weight? Often this question will flash in the mind of some people. Some people believe that drinking alcohol leads to weight gain, while there are some people who consume alcohol in the hope that it reduces weight. What is reality after all? Does alcohol or alcohol really cause weight gain?

Many problems due to excessive consumption
Indian Express According to a news published in the report, nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi has solved this riddle, claiming that if alcohol is consumed in small amounts, it does not increase weight, but if alcohol is drunk in excess, then it is bound to increase weight. . He said that excessive alcohol consumption increases appetite. This increases the problem of muscles. Consumption of alcohol causes bloating which leads to gas problem. Alcohol is also a cause of inflammation. This makes the face look like puffy. Alcohol has inflammatory properties, that is, it is a thing that increases inflammation. Therefore, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol has the same effect as drinking sugar or carbonated drinks. Consumption of such things increases the problem of gas in the stomach. Alcohol makes you feel hungry and disturbs sleep patterns.

Consuming limited amount can reduce weight
Consuming excessive amount of alcohol makes the face look swollen. It is also a fact that alcohol is diuretic i.e. it causes more urination. When there is more urination, it will lead to a lack of water in the body. There will be dehydration in the body. Skin always needs water. If there is dehydration, then its first effect is visible on the skin itself. However, some studies have also found that if alcohol is consumed in moderation, it can lead to weight loss in the same way as other things are consumed to lose weight.

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