Health News: Hot stone massage not only relaxes but also removes stress and anxiety

Health benefits of hot stone massage: Massage was a practice in earlier times. Rich people used to get massages daily. Now massage therapy has replaced massage. Wherever you go, massage parlors are open everywhere. Massage therapy works wonders to make the body feel relaxed. massage There are many types, but hot stone massage (Hot stone massage) is something else. Hot stone massage provides many benefits. Hot stone massage has the status of alternative medicine. In hot stone massage, hot stone is massaged. This reduces the tension of the muscles in the whole body and gives a relaxed feel. Hot stone massage strengthens the muscles.

How hot stone massage is done
Healthline According to the news of the University of New Hemisphere Health Services, for hot stone massage, the temperature of the stone should be kept warm at 130 to 145 degrees.

Hot stones are applied at certain places. To do this, soft and soft stones are massaged by placing them in certain parts of the body like spine, abdomen, chest, face, palms and between the toes. In some places, Swedish technology is used for hot stone massage. In this technique, massage is given with the help of stroke, vibration, circular movement etc.

Benefits of Hot stone massage

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reduces muscle tension
The biggest advantage of hot stone massage is that the tension created between the muscles is reduced immediately. This gives relief from muscle pain. It helps in increasing blood circulation and reduces muscle spasms.

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Reduces stress and anxiety
According to the American Massage Therapy Association, hot stone massage provides relief from stress and anxiety. One study found that a 10-minute hot stone massage reduced cardiovascular complications.

sleep improves

There is no answer to hot stone massage therapy for sound sleep. This relaxes the whole body, which leads to a good night’s sleep.

Hot stone massage reduces the symptoms of autoimmune diseases
According to studies, hot stone massage is proving to be very effective in reducing the symptoms of autoimmune disease. This also reduces the risk of fibromyalgia disease. It is a disease of pain which does not end easily. Hot stone massage also provides relief from arthritis pain.

boosts immunity
A study has found that Swedish hot stone massage can boost immunity. This massage enhances immunity and also treats many diseases.

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